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THE STAND-OUTS AT NYFW: Jenny Packham, Reem Acra, Victoria Beckham, Theyskens' Theory and Rodarte RTW.
Fall Ready-to-wear collections come at a time when all we want to think about is when we can start peeling OFF the layers. However, with these four particular collections debuting this week in New York, it is difficult not to covet the darker hues and textured, thicker pieces that we look to when the temperature begins to drop at the end of September. My pics for stand-out collections are below.

Jenny Packham F/W 2012-13

I can't help but to ponder elegant, feminine glamour when I think of a classic Jenny Packham dress- one of the Duchess' preferred ateliers. My picks here are red-carpet worthy and each dress boasts detailing of beads or lace with a specific point of focus: on the shoulders and neckline (first dress), the deep-v and bust-line of the sheer black column dress and finally, the lace sleeves and satin paneling of the thighs on the steel grey dress- focus here on long limbs. (Third dress pictured). The collection was very Jenny Packham, but with a darker edge- bolder makeup and a less ethereal palate. Packham explains her influence; "It was all based on film noir, which is a genre of Hollywood films in the 1940s. Very low budget, contrast color, very amazing femme fatales, a dangerous and enticing woman."

Reem Acra RTW F/W 2012-13

Reem Acra- Rockstar glam was in order this week at the Lincoln Centre.The first two picks call to mind the Young Hollywood set- The Blake Lively's and their perfect pins in the gold mini, or the Rihannas pouring themselves into the bold cut-out, showcasing rock-hard abdominals. Loving the high-neck lace top- a conservative cut in height but with a nod to cheeky see-through. I'm obsessed with the sequined cigarette pants. Other pieces were art-deco inspired, in black or gold and there were quite a few dropped waists on some of the minis. Grammy-worthy gowns a few days too late.

Victoria Beckham RTW F/W 2012-13

Again- the coat is one of the best pieces of the show. I'm in love with the deep wine mulberry hue. The asymmetrical collar, exposed zippers as structured detailing and overall overcoat shape to VB's taste for impeccable tailoring and serious simplicity. Can we talk about the practicality? Rarely do we classify Mrs. 6 1/4 inch Lady Daf by Louboutin-wearing Victoria as practical, however I see this coat on the back of a (albeit very fashionable) commuter about town. Most pieces were military-influenced with buttons, epaulets and army-inspired colour palates of greens, browns and blues. (A departure from the youthful, upbeat cat-patterned pieces from her S/S 2012 collection). The mainstays of VB collections are the clean-lines and the simple sexiness of figure-hugging frocks fit for the svelte. How adorable that she created a roomy handbag after her daughter Harper?!

Theyskens' Theory RTW F/W 2012-13

Belgian-born Olivier's influences come from stints at Rochas, Nina Ricci and since he joined forces with New York label Theory, he has seen significant success and hype with his cool-kid blazers and pants that hint at an underlying sophistication the wearer couldn't escape if she tried. The blazers were there, as was the edge of leather and the sexy-sheer he is renowned for. The one thing front-rowers went gaga for? The pants. Slouchy, sexy and off the hip- stuffed casually, effortlessly into boots without diminishing the cool factor.

Rodarte RTW F/W 2012-13

I mean these coats are serious. The structure and exposed shearling are on trend and look incredibly cozy for cooler temps. I am especially loving the shearling on the cuffs of the two black jackets. The powder blue belted coat displays oversized pocket flaps on either side, further accentuating the length of the coat's silhouette. So elegant. The boots harkened Victorian lace-ups but incorporated industrial materials such as studs with exposed seems and plastic heels full of layers of sand. One of the more creative accessories that I have seen, using unexpected materials this NYFW. Two tid-bits: George Lucas a la Star Wars was front row centre and counts himself as one of the Mulleavy sisters' biggest fans. Laura and Kate were inspired by the multi-layered history of Australia.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The month of LOVE.



00080m.jpg 00270m.jpg

Balmain S/S 2012
With spring around the corner, this RTW collection from Paris FW in September 2011 comes to mind. This was the first Balmain collection under the helm of 25 year-old Olivier Rousteing after Christophe Decarnin's departure. What remains? The short hemlines and intricate embroidery- trademarks of Balmain that Rousteing seems enthusiastic to maintain and develop as trademarks of the very luxe, very sexy brand. Click here for previous Balmain review. Full collection here

Bobbypins: Chanel

Vanessa Bruno - Moonlight from Vanessa Bruno on Vimeo.
Vanessa Bruno S/S 2012 Campaign starring Kate Bosworth. This is the second such video starring Bosworth. Decidedly more upbeat than the original, this campaign footage is ethereal, pastel and beautifully soothing to watch. The collection reflects.

Beautiful, simplistic and romantic. Pottery necklace by my friend, Suzanne Scott of Potter Daughter (@PotterDaughter)

Lara Stone & Kate Moss for LOVE Magazine

Rochas tote bag. In the pastels of spring 2012


       Yves Saint Laurent

The Prada S/S 2012 ad campaign seen in its entirety here
Shot by Steven Meisel, the campaign is a 50s dream, seemingly imagined by a hot-rod enthusiast- drunk on spiked pink lemonade that has been sitting out in the hot Las Vegas sun all day long. Makes for stunning visuals, retro prints and the 50s pleats, hemlines and draping reminiscent of the glamourous decade. Starring Kati Nescher, Meghan Collison, Natasha Poly, Elise Crombez, Ymre Stiekema & Kathryn Kruger.

Photo Credits:
LOVE Magazine Online
Etsy (Potter Daughter Store)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New York I Love You.

What more can be lamented about New York City that hasn't already been? 

New York for the first time seemed familiar yet at the same time, a maze- easy enough to explore geographically but figuratively bursting at the seams with so many unknown variables- places, things, events and goings-on taking place at every moment. Just to quiet the eternal possibilities in the mind you need to close your eyes and start walking to just let NYC happen to you.
Walk with or without a map, through parks and alleyways, past patisseries and bistros, along brownstone-lined hoods and vintage treasure troves. The burnt smell is like a city on fire and the constant sun flashes- from the billion window panes of the skyscraper forest will equally keep your senses on their toes. At night you push your way through the mob- a literal galaxy of coloured stars right in front of you in the form of dotted street lights, neon "Open" signs and taxi beacons.
My New York sounds like the hard bang of a sugar-plum fairy's ballet slipper after she slips on the newly frosted stage- the loud sound of the wood stirring me from the serene on-stage setting of snow falling in a forest of evergreens.
My New York tastes of the savoury pastries from Lanksy's Jewish deli on the Upper West Side at 2am.
My New York smells like the strange and pungent burning sewers on every street corner- a smell unique to that city, I have never experienced before in London, Paris, Rome or Athens that will always stay with me, now.
My New York is the sight of bricks and mortar artfully moulded around a condensed civilization, unique architecture incubating the inhabitants of Manhattan- I often wanted to see everything all at once, while the locals barely looked up from their feet to notice the true beauty of the concrete.
My New York is the feel of the handshakes I was greeted so warmly by. The kindest people showing off the city they love so deeply. New Yorkers shocked me with their affable disposition. 

Here is my New York City:
I had an outline of a plan... gradually my outline became filled in with the impromptu. 
That is how to do NYC, I think.

 Porter, Toronto
 BIG APPLE from Newark
 Union Square Christmas Market
 NYC Best purchase
 The MET
 Monet at the MET
2nd best purchase... mmm actually best.

 Gaga's Workshop at Barneys NY

 Pianist busker in Washington Square
 SoHo & NoLita

All photos: TheLaurelWreath 2012